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Business Cards

The hit or miss in marketing. As soon as you hand someone your business card, you want them to treasure it for as long as possible. Give people a reason to hold onto your business cards, we sure do.

Posters, Flyers & Tickets, Direct Mailers and
so much more...

Promoting your business, concerts and special events can be a lot of fun. Especially when you have a team dedicated to passing them out or displaying them, with as much enthusiasm as we do, while designing them. This is an inexpensive way to get a message out to a large audience!

Brochures, Catalogs & Books

Publishing such as catalog and brochure design can be tedious designing page by page. Luckily we have the tools to dramatically speed this process up. Creating style sheets and master pages allows us to quickly transform your content into a beautiful work of art that are pleasant to read.


A great way to keep information organized, folders provide you with a simple and clean way to leave behind any sort of information. Have a booking and need to provide a welcome packet? Keep your customers information organized, give them a folder!

Banners, Billboards & Signs

Make your business visible from just about anywhere. Not sure how to get permits for installation or finding the right equipment and crew? Its simple. Hire How High Creative and we will take care of everything!